Infants (6 wks – 12 mo.) “The Falling Stars”

A nurturing environment with attention to the individual needs of each child is the basis of our infant program.  A daily information sheet shared by parent/guardian and caretaker provides the essential communication between our staff and parent/guardian.


Toddlers (12 mo. – 24 mo) “The Little & Big Dippers”

Each day children are exposed to developmentally appropriate activities that involve gross and fine motor skills, language development, thinking skills, music, exploration etc.  Daily information sheets are shared by parent/guardian and staff to provide good communication.  A flexible schedule and lesson plans are posted on the classroom door. Children enjoy daily outside time whenever the weather permits.


Two & Three Year Olds –“The Moonbeams” & “The Rays of Sunshine

Each day children are provided with teacher and child directed activities.  Children are provided with activities that include gross and fine motor skills and self-help skills.  Language development is stimulated through: stories, finger plays, songs, calendar, and dramatic play.  Art activities and outside play are provided daily.  A daily report and a monthly newsletter provide communication between parent/guardian and teacher.


 Preschool (4-5 year olds )The Rising Stars

This program is an extension of our regular program, with an emphasis on Kindergarten readiness. Students are exposed to a number of child and teacher directed activities.  Gross and fine motor activities are implemented in the program.  Language development is stimulated through educational games, songs, finger plays, calendar, sharing time, stories etc.  Children are able to choose from learning centers that feature different activities that target specific skills.  A daily report, monthly newsletter, calendar of themes and activities, as well as parent/guardian/teacher conferences provides parent/guardian/teacher communication.


School-age Program – “The Shooting Stars

Before and after school activities, as well as a full time summer program, are offered for school-age children.  We recognize the unique needs of this age group by equipping their room with age appropriate activities.  A computer, building blocks, table games and craft materials are examples. During the school year, time is allotted for homework but the emphasis is placed on relaxing activities after a long day at school.  The schedule during the summer and school breaks include field trips, sports, crafts, and other group activities.